One of those interludes when our Internet connection crashed – this one lasting more than a weekend – had me reflecting on how embedded the Digital Age has become in our daily activity. And I’m not even one of those who’s texting much or has his ears plugged into thin wires except rarely.

On one hand, apart from a bit of twitchy readjustment, it was rather liberating. I found myself catching up on a stack of magazines and a couple of books and just hanging out in the house.

On the other hand, though, I wasn’t getting my emails or making sure scheduled blog posts had run properly, much less interacting with the comments or our WordPress Reader. For that, I wound up running out to the nearby Panera for late Sunday afternoon pastry and WiFi.

Still, I’m uneasy about all these digital changes in our lives. There’s too much else right at hand we seem to be missing. Just a thought. As for you?


  1. What unnerves me is the steady march towards greater and more constant input, with perhaps a corresponding decrease in aptitude for quiet, silence, and old school things like books and coherent thoughts. But then again, maybe it’s just that I’ve been a technophobic old codger since I was about, say, 14.

  2. I think it’s a two-edged sword. On the one hand, we need to be masters of our technology, not allow them to master us (which means learning to be disciplined and make room for the other important things). On the other hand, there is so much potential for these technologies to make possible what would once have been impossible, and I am enough of a child of my generation to want to grasp that potential and make the most of it.

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