After moving to the house – and taking up a family – I began facing a profound mystery. Possessions would simply disappear. It wasn’t like my bachelor days, when things returned to their proper places. And it wasn’t always little stuff, either, meaning we couldn’t always suspect the kids.

While I obviously fretted, my wife took the calmer “it will turn up eventually” approach, which occasionally actually worked.

It didn’t take long for me to conclude that we have another room in the house – I know it’s not in the barn – one we haven’t yet located. And I’m certain that’s where all of our missing objects have gone, just waiting to be rediscovered. It has to be quite large, centrally located behind a wall or two. Or maybe even between floors.

There’s one more thing I’m certain of – it will be stuffed to the gills.

My wife has finally agreed with me. And she promises me the room will turn up eventually.

Now, where did I put my glasses?


  1. I read a book about this some time ago. Apparently it is not a room. There is a land of Lost Things – and people. Cannot remember the title or author – but it was a very full place! The heroine managed to enter and (against all the rules) leave again with her lost person 🙂

    1. A whole LAND? Not just a room? Now that boggles the mind. And it might explain all those people who have vanished from our lives.
      You have truly boggled my mind for the day. If I haven’t yet lost that, too …

  2. That reminds me of a funny story.
    Several years ago, a coworker shared with us that her husband had been wandering around the house more aimlessly than usual. He was looking into each room of the house, around and behind things. When she asked what he was looking for, he just sort of muttered. Eventually, he shared his realization. After being married for seven years, he had just then noticed that none of his original bachelor furniture was in the house.
    She had quietly, and masterfully, replaced each item one by one.

  3. Some wives – not me, of course, I would never do anything so underhanded – have been known to throw unfortunate objects out, and wait to see if the loss is noticed.

    The best response, (I am told), when the husband finally twigs that this has been happening is to ask, “Tell me what you’re missing, and I’ll tell you if I’ve done anything with it.” Generally he can’t name the offending item, at which point the decision to get rid of it is seemingly vindicated, since it obviously wasn’t that wanted or needed…

  4. It’s the Borrowers that live under your floor boards didn’t you know 😀 What i want to know is why is that when you put the socks in pairs into the wash they always come out alone??? 😀

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