As much as I keep the outdoors Christmas lighting around our place to a minimum — usually strands around the bay window and entryway — we also keep ours going through most of January, as does a much more elaborate neighbor two doors down the street.

But that doesn’t keep us from appreciating those who go all out on this front, especially folks with an artistic flair.

This year, though, we’ve learned of a teenager who’s been doing something remarkable at his home for the past five years — something so remarkable he’s also done City Hall this year, which we’re anticipating viewing this week as soon as the glitches are ironed out and it’s back running. The bit I saw Thursday night was jaw-dropping.

But we did drive on to see what he’s up to. Trust me, there’s no way to describe what this kid does with a computer and 8,000 LED lights. He’s set it all to music and a seemingly infinite number of variations on motion, coloring, and timing. It’s quite mesmerizing, although I think I’m getting a headache from the afterglow in my head. Still, to get a faint idea of what he’s up to, you’ll just have to click here.

You just might find it worth a trip to Dover.

2 thoughts on “WHAT A SHOW!

    1. We figured similar things have to be happening everywhere and are hoping to hear about them. Each of them must reflect deep commitment and passion. This one, for instance, started when the kid was in sixth grade — the family must be listening to Christmas music all year, just to select the pieces that will then be “choreographed.”
      Still, it’s amazing … no matter how it’s done.

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