Nobody, I bet, can think of the hippie era without thinking of wild color. Just try listening to the music without it. Or reading my Hippie Trails novels.

There’s the clothing, of course, as well as those incredible hand-lettered Fillmore concert posters, the Peter Max illustrations, and the record album covers. The old Rolling Stone weekly newspaper, from the years it was based in San Francisco. Maybe some hand-thrown pottery, macrame, or a paisley pattern or big brass belt buckle.

So what comes to your mind’s eye when someone says hippie?

What would you put on the list?



  1. Hippie…hmmm, we’ve always attributed “hippie” with more of an inner energy, not necessarily a mindset, but more of an internal soul energy of an individual who, shall we say, walks their own path against the normative cultural memes and so called experts who determine what is and what is not acceptable and successful.

    • This, I sense, is one of the qualities that gets overlooked when looking at the hippie outburst or its continuing streams. To many, however, it’s become a clothing style, plus the music.

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