the pack, as in cards or dogs or the one after Enigma Variations but it’s snowing and there are no birds finally, a female cardinal teapot and cup beside a four-poster bed with the long shadows of sunrise on a plank floor I love you truly madly deeply mountain laurel and a Cigar Store Indian […]


squirrels thrive, after all, largely solo apart from the mating chase or bout though they’ll sleep six or seven together yet repeated delays that autumn allowed little rest and precluded burying nuts as well as his lady’s daffodil and iris bulbs et cetera packed away what they could, hoping they could cobble a nest *   […]


red maple on gray rock against vertical tan stripes the pooling and hill *   *   * blue-eyed moth on yellow chopstick folder star lilies against horizontal green striation Chinese river scene, the coin inscribed from a tickle-free zone of “Dried Dark Plums” red maple on gray rock against vertical tan stripes pooling under a blue-eyed […]


I’d gladly renounce any desire to conduct holy business if I had it spare me, O Holy One, please *   *   * this session leaves me a headache and troubled this is not Gospel Order look at this agenda! and these to-do lists! where’s the Sabbath? our lives already so cluttered and overbooked before adding […]


two horny squirrels on a tree I hate cartoon slapstick … as for real actors … The Dead See Squirrels who know nothing of the next state nor the globe their world branches endlessly, effortlessly and is anything but round the thistle feeder found in one of our coolers … ah! the safe place! a […]


with closed eyes, a bare-shouldered young Victorian woman and black gloves holds the exploding champagne bottle upside down the next leg of your journey has been canceled smells the foaming am I waking? I keep forgetting where I’ve been (where I put this or that) who said what even me on the horn: “the One […]