waging peace restores harmony uncovers common values where only conflicts and differences in appearance surface steps outside dominant viewpoints teaches children alternatives to consumerism which is self-centered at its core engenders instead the practice of doing good work reveals to us the unfavorable implications “God bless America” extends to the rest of the world O […]


a woman in an improbable hoop skirt and headscarf lights a wall of candles salmon-colored bands on a wall, plus a solar diagram and an Elizabethan woman black chair, as two birds flying in opposite directions as she reads her book in a balloon, the fog handbag and coffee New York Poem copyright 2016 by […]


1 between sunset and sunrise the ocean returns to desolate obsidian of her dark depths in the character at best, stars above strand of shoreline, depending maybe the moon with her sea-legs or repeated slapping 2 breakers arrive as a single point of reflected white opening out evenly in a line on either side a […]


a squirrel sees a landscape varying at multiple levels look up to a branch it’s there *   *   * would he go? would she come? he’s been there before              and any good squirrel is wary let’s be sensible invoking misadventures *   *   * to be lying flat against the opposite side of a tree such […]