She could be the street as much as the river or a town so depressed a state liquor store next to the railroad diner is barren. Or even a county clad in Holstein cowhide and forest. Ms. Suzy Q. Hannah is what we’ll call her. – poem copyright 2015 by Jnana Hodson to read the […]


A piece of armor or leather is not a fish. Along the rocky shoreline, a rat runs across my path and scurries back under a rock; I step again and another rustles through brittle stalks before its tan rump and tail dive for shelter. With another two steps, a third rat repeats the scuttle. Their […]


Drawn down to muscle “in the quiet hills of her own divinity” I bicycle across the bridge into fog at sunrise. In the night, my dreams would be chased by a train or a subway while my enemy remains on the other shore, marching and stomping: Crash! Splash! Crash! Before I swim back to sleep. […]


Usually, I saunter about in a shroud of music. When I cross a green steel truss bridge now reserved for pedestrians and ghostly flashes of mountain bikes, or pause in the middle on my return, it hardly matters what I’m humming. Handel, Dvorak, Johann Strauss Jr., or Showboat all could play here. You really don’t […]


The river speaks in vowels mostly until it hits rocks. The flowing carries many emotions. As Swedenborg’s angels explain: In heaven there is no time; the appearance of things changes according to moods. Over the purling, I hear Wagnerian horns, playing from the farthest hilltops. – poem copyright 2015 by Jnana Hodson to read the […]


Its fruits demand patience. Or instill it. Hold on and keep motionless. There’s no telling what’s under that covering, that face of swirling mouths. I’m adrift except for the office. I’ve promised to hide her, if need be. Wherever she’s run now. – poem copyright 2015 by Jnana Hodson to read the complete set, click […]