without hiking and mountain climbing without regular physical exercise to benefit my arms and chest, especially a chronic concern for this sedentary creature maintaining a balanced diet is difficult (kosher? vegetarian?) especially when cooking for one ~*~ remembering to run remembering to stretch these arms remembering to fly heedlessly in my thoughts and emotions ~*~ […]


no other place would be more beautiful than the high country of my heart with clarity as my audience divine awareness more intense some years more than others the faithful are guests from many backgrounds and locales standing ready to lend a hand, if needed as a guide as a companion when I remember the […]


Crinkled blades tumble along a fanged cemetery lane. Tell me: Whose flourish embellishes Jehovah’s scripture? To wit: “Our Woodhouse went forth and gathered sticks, and kindled a fire, and left it burning.” A contrite stone of few words speaks loud rebuke. Despite baroque aspirations of statuary an elegy of moss persists. Listen: To continue, click […]


A mile from downtown this, then, is footing my Lady in Her Blue Robe picks green parsley in snow for the rabbit? or my lunch? I’ll know in a few hours. garish poinsettias, she’s right we dig out snow to cut our Yule tree the first day of winter and the flannel sheets go on […]