Did I mention I’ve long had a love of symmetry?

That, as well as variations on a theme, plus some lively deviations. The Chinese, I’ve read, also loved symmetry, and when Zen Buddhism spread to Japan, the temples were constructed according to tradition. But the Japanese also disliked symmetry, as is reflected in the additions over time, which always built to one side or the other.

I can see that dynamic at work in our little fishing village in the evolution of our distinctive side-door Cape style.

Here’s more of the basic front as a starting point.

Windows evenly spaced. The venetian blinds, though, slyly defy the symmetry.
The utilities become the off-setting touches here. Also, there seems to be a slight addition spacing between the middle windows. 
The middle space is growing.
The chimney’s moved to one side, while what looks like a former fireplace in the front was never quite symmetric. I like what that one light does, too. The cable dish, meanwhile, is just what it is.
We might note that the chimney’s slightly off-center. A few bushes or other landscaping adds naturally variety, too. As for those curtains?




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