It’s a Cape, of sorts, but quite popular here

Maybe it’s a reflection of the town’s fishing village nature, but the most common house style seems to be Cape Cod.

The traditional Full Cape stands 1½ stories with a central door on the front, flanked by two windows on each side. Eastport has a fair number of those, including the one where I dwell.

But for whatever reasons, a distinctive variation proliferated here. Gone is the doorway from under the roofline, along with the central hall, staircase, and chimney. The result is a shorter front and an overall smaller house, commonly two rooms with two in the attic above, rather than the customary four-over-four.

The design does create a smaller frontage, which may have been a tax advantage, as well as allowing more homes to cluster closer to the harbor.

Here’s a sampling.

The front’s symmetric.
While the door has moved to the gable-roofed side.
Curtains add a personal touch.
This one, with shutters, plays to New England severity.
And some even have two chimneys.


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