A preview of what’s shaping up for the Barn’s tenth year

Reflecting on the ways the Red Barn has evolved over its nine years so far, I find it hard to think this started out as a text-driven vehicle, but then how quickly I started shooting my own digital photos and we got into a wild ride.

Yes, we really are entering the tenth year of this blog.

It’s still a merry-go-round approach of recurring categories, though I’m always tweaking, and I’m excited about the plans for the coming year.

The release of my eight novels in paperback volumes last year – in addition to their ebook availability – prompts me to step up the Cassia’s World postings to twice a week, including its Greek-American awareness and related dimensions. Sometimes I wish she’d just take over the entire Red Barn. Her snarky voice would be more entertaining, for sure.

That’s not the only shift.

Postcards will be branching out into original art from way back in my high school years as well as continuing the photos of my world today.

Home & Garden’s getting beefed up, too, thanks to my wife’s sharp-eyed cell-phone photos. Privately, I’m calling the series Rachel’s Showcase. You’ll see why.

There will also a prose-poem every Saturday under the Arts & Letters category. It’s a challenging and refreshing genre, in this case often drawn from my correspondence, back when we actually wrote letters and cards to each other.

For the record, the Poems and Poetry Footnotes categories left the lineup a few years ago when the Red Barn got a new look, one that didn’t handle verse well. That literary action instead moved over to my  Thistle Finch blog and its free chapbooks and broadsides. Please check them out.

Much of the Quaker Practice category, meanwhile, has branched off into my As Light Is Sown blog, where it’s taken on a more theological bent. Currently, it’s presenting weekly reflections and insights on my experience of reading the Bible straight-through. I hope you’ll take a look there to see my unorthodox line of commentary.

And Newspaper Traditions is no longer a regular entry, not just because of my retirement from the field but also because of the financial collapse of the once vibrant business. I just don’t have much to report there anymore, not apart from my novel Hometown News.

That still leaves plenty of room for Tendrils, Personal Journey, American Affairs, and Wild Card surprises, as well as the Trail Markers parade of vanity license plates (in a new slot on Fridays, as if taking off for the weekend).

Well, readers are supposed to be curious about what makes an author tick. I think you’ll get a good idea just by nosing around in the barn.

And please remember, your comments and questions are always welcome. Please, please, please pipe up!

So here we go again, to round out a full decade online.


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