Somebody, someday: “Why’d you do it? Risk your lives for a wild ride?”

Hopalong Dextrin: “We were young then. Didn’t know any better.”

Greene County Duncan: “Cheap thrills, a free ride. Doesn’t every emerging generation do that?”

Watermelon Dikran: “To experience life, riding way out at the edge for a while.”

Thunderbird Kid Dowie: “To explore everything. Besides, we vowed we’d never become zombies like our parents.”

Tumbleweed Dreyfus: “It made a brutal system a little more humane.”

Super-straight Doris, wherever she went after Lonesome DL’s high school disaster: “You’re on a false trip, DL”

It was colorful and it was drab. Daring, yet in its own way, orthodox. There were a thousand unvoiced ways one was expected to conform. This generation rejected authority and then embraced a weird conformity that became far more dictatorial. Ultimately, their revolution ended up White Middle Class, stuck on sofas and TV sets. It was hardly a free ride, especially when many parents continued to foot the bills.

The subway tracks ran up a huge power bill daily.


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