As if by design, the City of Humanity and the City of Inhumanity overlap. What happens if any of the System breaks down? A power failure, where neighbors don’t know much less trust each other, results in looting. Anyone who tries to go it alone, who relies on your raw sexual energy or uncurbed power, ages rapidly. In turn, cannibals are eventually eaten.

DL perceived rainbows and sandstorms in the tunnels. After all, the tracks run both ways. In every crowded subway coach, an unassuming Bible reader is transported through prophecy and faith. In many stations, a shoeless wino asleep on the bench awaits the Great Grape to come wheeling down the line. So that was what that old man was thinking back in that faraway Laundromat!

DL stumbled upon the IND Subway Library. Nearby, he spotted the Subway Department Store, Subway Supermarket, Subway Softball Field, Subway Fire Department, and Subway Telephone Switchboard. There were IND fire hydrants and a very small IND national park, where a hot blues band from Chicago performs all year. At the Subway Hero stand, there was a special on chili-dogs.

There was more sweltering energy than DL could calculate. It was too hot for thermometers and spinning too fast for speedometers.


For more from my THIRD RAIL collection, click here.


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