Two photographs in meticulous color featured the most beautiful girl DL had ever laid eyes on. These two jewelry ads presented the softest skin, the most secretive blue eyes he had ever beheld. They left even the photo on his guardian angel’s shelf in the dust. There was something about her mouth, a playful confidence that could wait, be silent, speak softly and tenderly, become tense, or even torment one with longing, according to her whims. Her hair and torso weren’t shown. They hardly mattered. Such mystery lurked therein. For DL she’ll remain silent, without accent or blemish. Maybe she’s of legal age. More likely, she’s not, yet her elegance stuns. He wanted to play games with her. Within that sophisticated child stirred, he knew, so much intelligence and class.

Men are so dumb they’ll believe a photograph, stare at it for hours, all the while trying to remove the jewelry. Even costume jewelry, like hers.

Who says the camera never lies?


For more from my THIRD RAIL collection, click here.


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