My monthly pieces for the Meeting newsletter, many of them since republished in the Red Barn, didn’t delve into many of the usual topics concerning Quaker faith itself – the practice of vocal ministry, testing a leading, foundations of the peace testimony, simplicity/plainness, the uses of Scripture, varieties of prayer, and so on – the things “for new attenders.” Nor did they delve heavily into Friends’ theology or related Scriptural underpinnings. Instead, I focused on practice.

In effect, what emerged were thoughts on the Seasons of the Spirit … some previously touched on in my vocal ministry, others extended for the first time … of individual and communal faith experience weaving together. The more I look at Meeting, with all of its fragility and humanity, the more remarkable it appears.

May we be fruitful. Mind the Light, then.

Seasons 1~*~

For my volume of collected reflections, click here.


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