by Jnana Hodson

As I said at the time …

What? I wasn’t your first experience with overwhelming romance? Now I’m offended! And I didn’t propose? Believe me, I would have, if I’d thought there was any possibility you would have said yes. Well, in retrospect, maybe after all of those mushy Europeans, I had good reason to be a bit cautious. I was cautious, wasn’t I? (Well, according to my notes, not as cautious as I would have thought on our first meeting.) At least I didn’t SING! Or play violin. (OK, I’m trying to be funny. Or lighthearted – and I’m not even making a viola joke. Although I am a bit envious of anyone who’s played in an orchestra.) But you were definitely the most together woman I’d been with up to then, and many times later. Which is, as my wife would say, damning by faint praise – as I look back, I realize “sad” was often a synonym for “feminine.” Or the underlying current of my mother and the suppression of my emotional side. The next closest in the most-together department up to you was someone who’d just turned 17, and that was a whirlwind earlier that summer before I met you. (As I said, some of the events of this period are eye-opening.)

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