asked if I ever miss
or ever thought I’d move back
never answered
that yes, every time I have
my head
or my heart handed
on that silver platter

but yes, I do miss
assembling a scrapbook
of images

like a sailor
after all these

farmers knew the importance
of staying in place
or no more than two
rooted, ever more grounded
until buried in that eternity
would not comprehend my trans-locations

now neither do I
who feels I’ve relocated two or three times too many
do not comprehend the soul of this landscape
yet hope I never have to move on again

at least I have some ancestry
from this locale

do you ever feel like one of those two pigs
we saw coming out of the living room
on that house for sale on Bridge Street Extension?
right here in our city?

what do I have to show for all those motions?
all those moves?


Ohio a state of mine
Iowa a state of mind
Idaho a state to mine


more and more I’d be the sea captain who came home,
built a large house back in from the port,
and never put forth again

sea captain? who am I kidding?
at best, I made first mate
and lost my rank
when the ship went down


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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