met for dinner in Haverhill, Mass.
(pronounced “HAY-vrill”

and you can take only so much lobstah
before it was, “Oh, Ma,
Cahn’t we have a Big Mac instead?”


only to sense unusual cool, dry
Amoskeag on the Merrimack
airing, especially after thy worries
contrast to fast-moving fireworks
interplay, serves, he said, born
for some intense reading . this morning

of prayer and uninterrupted meditation
holiday means barbecue grill odors
in brick-red letters


from this isolation
in that kind of dreaming for so long . like, yeah, sure

a single bottle from an idolized past
a Merlot, Washington State
my now ex-wife gave me for Christmas
brought back on an airliner

supposed to be finally coming into its prime
if my lack of a proper wine cellar
hadn’t destroyed it my saving to celebrate
the big contest my now ex-fiancee
was supposed to enter

now they’re forecasting a brutal winter
with the verdict it’s about time, let it snow

hoping to catch you in Beantown later this month

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015


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