on that damn pedestal like a Virgin Mary
she complained all the time she was looking
ten, twenty, thirty years down the road

I might have seen all the mud between her toes
wherever the snake’s led
to be moody! manicky!
well, I claimed to be ready) confident
to be active, when she appeared

disconcerted, reaching out, toward a cloud, perchance

the robe wrapped ever so tight around her


to name her nature
crosses the double-yellow strip

delightfully earthy, that Good Mother
gardening and sewing
what airy/dreamy/ethereal temper
I’d venture, cooking, too without losing

the river or the hearth
that confine her


typically one or another
we encounter

“and when you finish washing the windows
you can change the oil and then rake the leaves”

so activity-oriented they’ll forget the dream
or rarely stop to savor attainment

driving a battered car
just tuned up by the neighbor


we stayed up all night conversing
what’s to be done
sensual not just the Great Smooching
encompassing the possible futures

would she, after all
live up to the initial promises
feminine in a way that performs trampoline flips
suggested on the smiling carpet

or the extra step shakes branches so leaves fall across
the just-swept walkway

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Copyright 2015


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