by Jnana Hodson

around midnight two months ago, somebody
was trying to barge into all the apartments on the hall

that’s a scary sensation) (when it rains, etc.)
returning for a moment to that situation of feeling nobody
else appreciates our particular talents

thee gets the picture
maybe thee would even have
a few bovines rummaging through there


thy brother in Christ keeps smiling
driving the Fox, named “Uncle George”
after the vanity plate

makes for interesting conversation, viz
“I see you have Pennsylvania tags”
which just happen to proclaim “Live Free or Die”

so what the heck or Molly Stark sleeps a widow
though a note under the windshield wipers
seeks directions to Meeting

never mind the oatmeal


didn’t do much in the way of mountaineering that summer
though did see a moose along the Kancamagus Highway
finally . next day, out to sea, saw three humpbacks,
including a mother and calf we followed more than an hour
– the breeze blowing their fishy mist exhalations across us –
a week later, a perfect day of ocean sailing with my boss
in his new 30-footer, a new perspective on the courage
of ancestors who traversed on vessels not all that much bigger
(without Dramamine, they did, too) (I never leave shore without it)

in my own life, eight years after abiding in desert
I should have seen how the tide was turning

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Copyright 2015