let’s be honest
such proceedings already exasperate
our revolving bantam planet


a death –
a death of a once honorable nation
– fifty-nine million dupes

the evil smirk

paint the doorjambs with blood
Pharaoh’s sin will fell all

there’s no escaping the Day of Judgment
any more than the perspective of history

yes, we’ll all be dead then
but some will live in honor


the plagues to descend

Many will cry out LORD, LORD
but He vows, I KNOW YOU NOT

“He who keeps my commandments”
the place of discipleship
“Love your enemy”
and “Feed the hungry” just for starters

the red-robed inquisitor speaks
but martyred ancestors
hold my ears
in their charred hands
as much as their severed heads

so much gold glittering
with flames or the sharpened blade
or waters between ice

No office or orifice or artifice
makes a prophet


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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