As I said at the time …

Now, somehow, to make the leap to your current issue. I really would like to see you find a way to get poetry back in there! Are you having trouble writing poems of your own these days? The misheard lyrics could have been an excellent segue into poems. And with your increasing focus on erotica, I would think poetry and short stories might fit right in. Your new poem, by the way, is quite different from the earlier work I’ve seen: more direct, without the least bit of abstraction. OK, first get down the observations, as clearly as possible. Then wind up the machine.

Another thought on the survey you sent along: When Doonesbury was the hottest comic strip, it was also the most hated. To listen only to the voices that wanted it removed would have cost a newspaper much of its most active supporters. Those who don’t like poetry will still find much to enjoy and read in your ‘zine. Telephone just rang. An invitation to serve on a clearness committee for a wedding. Curious situation to be in, as a divorced individual himself considering marriage.

(Just how old am I? As my beloved constantly reevaluates me, deciding it’s somewhere between 15 and 17.)

You write about that feeling of anti-sociability. If you’re aware of what’s missing from consumer society, you’re bound to feel alienated. It’s wonderful when you find others who understand that quest for what’s eternal.

About a month ago, a woman rose in worship to speak of an experience very much like the stabbing in front of your house – only in her case, I believe it was a shooting. Again, not a bad neighborhood, either. (The speaker, by the way, someone who has never spoken in Meeting before – deeply moving.)

Guess I’ll wind out here. Just told you gads of secrets. Going naked depends on who else is in the room. Remember Geriatric Love.

‘Nuff for now. Hear from you soon, I hope!


St Helens 1For another take on romance and relationships, click here.


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