by Jnana Hodson

Honestly, I don’t expect them to pray for me
that is, in my place, they’re no machines

for immortality or even immunity from hexes
rather, see these reminders of all that’s invisible

and even unknown, in all our vast ignorance
and, yes, arrogance, we need help, friends

as Jesus says the wind blows when it chooses
and you hear the sound of it but do not know

where it originates, so maybe these banners
are simply harmless ballots cast for good

or sown as a guileless echo halfway around the globe
and back again, a breeze or a gust.

Maybe even a gentle aspiration to channel a great ruckus.
With a calm word, then, rebuke fear: “Peace! Be still!”

Just don’t get stuck in doldrums far out at sea.
For me, these are markers from the days when I dreamed

of ascending Himalayan mountains.
Now they’re reminders of how I got HERE.

In the end, I’m not that lazy. Besides, there’s no highway
to the summit except for winged creatures.

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Copyright 2015