glacial ice in an inlet under foggy forest

cowboys and Eskimos
some in furry outfits and sealskin boots
some in front of the television

a Cointreau cocktail, twist of lemon

a six-part screen with a green star on a drum for zig-zag dancers

papoose with an awning

a frog stretches its legs and fingers

a hexagonal tent glowing

a breaching whale two canoeists pass

summer: a fishing boat churning up-channel from ocean
fall: a stone fence in a pool of red
winter: blue branches draped over blue current
spring: whale lolling in steely ripples

a hundred midshipmen in dress whites are seated
in rows in the sun for an address

the African pastor proudly holds his daughter

below the beaver dam a redheaded mermaid floats
on a marble capital
as sailors in life rings reach out to be saved

in woolen gloves, carrying a wooden lobster trap
the way it used to be, in fine fashion

a red dress drying on a line anchored by a wheelbarrow

stucco chapel atop a broad stone stairway

a young soccer player smiles



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