secrecy belongs to Satan
not the Truth that sets people free
secrecy that covers billions of dollars
cannot cover the stench
of oppression, murder, political favors
of merit and ability crushed
cannot bring justice, cannot bring equality
cannot bring peace
foreign policy failure after foreign policy failure
argue about successes, but look for the blood
innocents or opposition voices
you think it stays overseas, think again
felling Martin Luther King in Memphis
see the initials KKK are nowhere
and George Wallace in a wheelchair,
not by blacks, not any of the militant initials,
but Watergate and Company operatives
all the spooks, haints
Howard Hughes subsidiaries
and his lawyer on retainer, couldn’t stop
nuclear testing in his own backyard
despite the promises, his submarine
in restricted waters, everything restricted
who couldn’t see the Tehran backlash
when pressing Carter to honor their promise
to the Shah all the while they undermined his authority
– whispers, lies – and what did they tell their agents
in creating Saddam Hussein
and bin Laden
to say nothing Communists
and unflinching Nicaraguan killers
– what’s a priest, what’s a nun,
what’s another American
dead in a Chilean concentration camp? –
no wonder our embassies weren’t safe
dishonor, dishonor
hire whores, hire hit men,
hire small-time thugs and gangsters
spread drugs, think conspiracy as in CIA and LSD
King George the Elder headed the Company in Langley and McLean
secrecy covering his tracks, covering his errors,
new-come to power surrounded by spooks and desperadoes
accuse Clinton of stealing election or selling White House
all you want, but look closer, see the precedent
see the coup forming – CIA reclaim the nation
see Democrat Senator die in plane crashes
see airliners crash into World Trade Center, Manhattan,
and voters rally around then-incumbent son of CIA-boss,
King George the Younger surrounded by old Goon Squad
its oil flowing with blood
this Reservist-Gone-AWOL suddenly a proud veteran
lies, all lies, everywhere, scribes copy faithfully
second-rate actors front for spooks
corporate boardrooms filled with spook offspring

God help America


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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