dress in black
sackcloth and ashes
or at least Quaker gray
or Amish

after decades of name-calling
decades of smears and character assassins
actual assassins as well, remember
liberal is an American virtue
not a crime as some in office or just running attest
how do they ever get a security clearance
war is failure
war is irrational
they’re beating war drums again
to salve a family honor
the underlying reasons are never voiced
but everywhere you see oil, you see fingerprints
of spooks and worse – so-called patriots
with their fingers in the cookie jar
who hide in secrecy
waving guns and flags
who celebrate
because your vote is irrelevant
in this crock of crap
a gun won’t get you in heaven
and Jesus didn’t come to save just Americans
He didn’t have spies
wave guns or even swords
Jesus, the winners should be guests
on the Jerry Springer Show
himself a former mayor
Jerry, ask them – and their families, too –
tell me why anybody would spend ten million
of his own money to become governor
of a state of one million population
in a protest against taxes
he could have just distributed the amount
to every man-woman-child in the state
he could have endowed a foundation
to fund schools or health services for children
he could have purchased lands for public use
but instead wanted the glory for himself
wanted to create further tax breaks for the rich
wanted to raid the public treasury for the privileged
– they don’t need public schools or colleges or parks
or health care since they already can go anywhere
they choose – don’t need these except for the people
they hire to do their bidding –
wanted honors after his own company went belly up
with other people losing their shirts instead
with other people holding the bag
and now the voters of the state are left the same way
voting to fail
voting for the rich who will never vote for us
the Son of S
the Son of G
the Son of B and Grandson of B
what horror plots are hatching
like sparklers lighted in foreign embassies
to burn holes in new carpet
of countries we call our friend
watch the fireworks
forget the action movies unless they show
Son of Pig-Eyes
another hog
turning our republic into empire
Evil Empire?
rubber stamp, party patsy
stooge of the stooge
all empires become evil
in this state, when both U.S. Senators
were sons of governors
talk about privilege
talk about vapidity
talk about disenfranchisement
I’m not running for anything
not in a game rigged like that
secrecy spawns lies
and lies corrode
lies burn holes in glass
lies scar the skin
lies destroy trusts and
put untrustworthy liars in office
lies cloak raw power
who gets the security clearance
Jerry, you talk to practitioners of incest
for your eyes only
perpetrators of abuse
top secret
adulterers, petite criminals
executive privilege
you should be at home here
the jaded sexual deviates
here’s real opportunity
for depravity. Look
the party with all the money
siphons riches from the republic
impoverishes the people
destroys commonwealth for private gain
you know who burned Rome
and it didn’t happen in just a day
or a couple of nights for that matter

Here’s what we’ll do
when the United Way calls,
tell them go to the party
where all the money is
when the Red Cross calls
tell them go to the party
where all the money is
when the fire department calls
seeking solicitations for youth athletics
tell them go to the party
where all the money is
and don’t complain if you voted them in
don’t complain when must wait in long lines
to get a license or a required form
(when they cut services as government waste,
just bet you’ll end up wasting time –
your hourly rate’s never considered)
if the Medical Society calls
or a research group for a specific illness,
tell them go to the party,
where most of the doctors are found anyway

As for security clearance
let’s talk about justice
reverse the locks on the rich
in their gated communities
that aren’t communities, anyway,
but exclusive residential compounds
since we’re locked out already
we’ll just lock them in their circles
imprisoned without supermarkets
pharmacies or gas stations
their maids and gardeners can’t live
anywhere nearby anyway so
those who are exclusive
can be excluded
from commonwealth
from community
from neighborhood
reverse the locks
till they cry Uncle
– Uncle Sam, I’m guilty as charged –
start cleaning up their own mess
and a whole lot more
when we put the new landfill
in their back yard and swimming pool
and enact our own version of Right To Play laws
just guess who’s coming to dinner
are you ready to pray? Who’s asking grace?
Jesus, they won’t listen to me
so I won’t listen to them
and we’ll let it pass for fairness
these days, such as they are


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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