Airplanes & bees buzz
hummingbirds & vultures
even raven’s warning:

By late summer afternoons,
apples sunburn. Everything swims
in a suffocating liquid until

something above the ridges slips
& our faces are slapped by alternating
baked & chilled blasts that settle as cool evening.

Mammals whisk
once again through cheat grass.
Rattlesnake listens.

Wind, carry pollen. Wind,
carry seed. Wind, carry
song of crickets.

Wind chimes clatter
(it’s not the wind I hear speaking):

“not wind but the force behind wind
“not leaves but the force behind leaves
“not sun but the force behind sun”

Tornadoes or blizzards,
hats sprint away,
trash barrels somersault.

You learn, if you’re lucky,
how Chinook melts,
how Walla Walla freezes.

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015
Poem originally appeared in Opus Literary Review


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