Harvest in the orchard country of the Pacific Northwest comes as a remarkable sequence of crops. Apricots, cherries, plums, peaches, pears, apples golden or red – each in waves of ripening. Each picked, amassed into bins, and trucked off to warehouses for packing, storage, or shipping.

It can be overwhelming, even before considering the impact of long-term drought or overnight frost.

That’s all in the background of my Northwest Passion novels, including Peel with its focus on Kate as she peels down the core of her existence. As for her husband?

Their Eden, as they’re finding, remains far from home.

Does that leave plenty of room for a Serpent? Or just a worm?

Kate, holding the paring knife, must answer.

Peel 1
This was the original cover, before redesign. Which do you prefer?


For your own copy, click here.


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