As I said at the time …

Your reaction to the photo on Subway Hitchhikers is quite different from the one the 15-year-old writer and her mother gave me in the sunny kitchen after Meeting for Worship on First-Day last (like that old-style Quaker talk? gives the fingers a good workout in addition and subtraction!) – not only is the beard gone (thanks to the Georgian, almost six years ago), but so is too much of the hair on top, which the kid just had to pat while laughing. To which I replied, “That’s cruel!” – even while chuckling.

Well, you are formally referred to as My Favorite Editor, even in front of my boss, the quiet Laurie Anderson fan from Grand Rapids, Michigan. And, as My Favorite Editor, you remain an inspiration to the kid, who writes quite well, I’m told, but shows her work to very few. “I start things and just can’t finish them,” says she. Any advice? (I tell her she has the rest of her life to complete ‘em. Agree?)

By the way, it’s wonderful seeing some familiar voices in your latest – Jim DeWitt and Sheryl Miller both publish some intriguing journals, as you no doubt know.

Well, I need some dinner before heading off to bed. Besides, the Humble Farmer’s on Maine Public Radio.

Definitely hugs.


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