The original mind encircles clouds,
pine, and sage so intensely spiced

in the brief summer of tiny alpine brilliance
found uniquely atop certain mountains.

It reappears in the daring chipmunks above treeline
as they snake closer, anticipating

imported chocolate or some other playful, endless release
that would awaken rejuvenated and chaste
in its crowing.

But the universe of its blossom
cautions of summer snowfall,

lightning, and freezing rain. How rapidly
an upsurge of spidery intuition blazes

and spends its untainted starry courage
within the breath. Calmly, observe

mosquitoes extracting blood
from up-stretched arms. While some

summits are basically a roof,
others rise to inexplicable climax.

Monumental to the end
of space and the flesh.

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015
Poem originally appeared in Skyline


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