As I said at the time …

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get micropoems published? Most editors won’t consider anything under ten lines – some have said they just don’t trust their judgment on anything shorter. In fact, I just took three micropoems I’ve been quite fond of but that had remained unpublished, put them together under a new title, and got them accepted the first time out. There wasn’t much else new from when I first drafted the lines in 1976 and ‘80, while driving a U-Haul across the continent. This field always amazes me!

Thanks for your midnight note. A wheat field surrounded by bars, trailer parks, and train tracks filled with broken beer bottles sounds like a lot of America these days, including parts of New Hampshah. In fact, your description just might make a great title for something.


Rust and Wound 1As for that description of much of America these days, click here.



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