Boldness grabs a comet
at midday.

Humility coddles
her own mother’s lullaby.

Boldness strikes a fire
in the heart of a drum.

Humility extends rootlets
under glimmering snow.

Boldness flings kernels
into an early spring twister.

Humility brings morning
coolness to ripening wheat.

Boldness slaps the face of a rainbow.
Humility baits the fishing line.

Boldness flashes yellow and red.
Humility glows blue and green.

Both inhale the white ether.
Both exhale the house.

poem copyright 2015 by Jnana Hodson


Mountain 1

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2 thoughts on “EAST WIND AND WEST

  1. I enjoyed the contrasts in this poem and the nuances of the two positions. It is powerful in drawing the images of difference between boldness and humility. I am sure there are other messages in this poem but I would need to read it many times before deciphering and appreciating them. A skillful piece of work.

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