He may have been a straight-arrow from Iowa, but he sensed there was more – much more – to life than he saw before him.

And then the discoveries began. United opposition to the Vietnam draft. The eye-opening peace pipe – and shared joint. Free love of a sustained nature. His neighbors of the outlaw sort. The circle of comrades in the wee hours. His eviction from the dorm and his role in toppling the university administration. His flunking the draft physical. His long hair and beard.

Maybe he was a reincarnated Tibetan lama crashed in the wrong place. This is where the action was, and he kept on truckin’. Just like they said.

And then it’s out on his thumb, embracing his renewed desolation. His new freedom. His advanced wisdom heading eastward.

Daffodil Sunrise is a chronicle of awakening in the hippie era, far from the usual landmarks. In a place where the movement took root and lingered.


For the novel, click here.


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