swimming in the potholes … the kettles
me? I’m too old to leap from the highway bridge
to the grotto
except in my dreams

where you can fine me, officer

old, yes, but there’s less to lose if I kill everything

summer spot – Schroeder

potholes, clean, slightly tan water / cold, Cold River
pebbles, boulders, sculpted chambers
wading and then over my head
Megan’s wide-eyed delight

under the bridge quite nice – the size of a backyard
swimming pool
in a gorge

a brisk swim before Rick’s thick, light pancakes

lightning bugs, a magical field

in the cedar-shake barn
there are several the same style nearby)
the three levels, threshing floor, cow and horse stalls / pens
thinking of a young man inheriting such space and then
working to clear away the debris and refill it with hay and
new corn
living creatures / hens, too

this place meant to be worked with horses
and an economy as incomprehensible to today’s populace
as the covered bridge just down the hill

much of the local economy had involved cutting ice from winter ponds
and shipping it to Philadelphia or New York (the railroad impact)

“Jesus is the unseen guest at every meal
He listens to every conversation”
(the rest of “Jesus is the head of this household . He is …”)

we’ve forgotten what it was like to awaken
looking forward to the day . to be grateful for the day
rather than overwhelmed or shortchanged

a buzzing fly
sounds fat
a small lawnmower
fills the air
behind me

or the black butterflies she calls swallowtails

birds flitting through the barn


from woods beside North Sandwich meetinghouse

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Copyright 2015


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