From the United States
Department of the Interior

be wary of wildlife
ever so wary of wildlife, especially
of the human kind

now sign on the dotted line

feeding the deer or bear is prohibited
when photographing or watching wildlife
please be sure your car is parked well off the roadway

remember that these animals can be unpredictable
in your car or led on a leash

no one, especially children, should venture close
on trails, in public buildings, at naturalist programs

subject to the following conditions

watch your valuables

to prevent theft from your vehicle
please lock your possessions in your trunk

this summer
have experienced

incidents should be reported
with you in your tent or trailer . any suspicious

dependency or death can result
immediately . appreciate your cooperation

& keep wallets, purses, & cameras
from campers’ cars

to Park Rangers
& have a nice day

we hope you
please do not feed wildlife

as for some rules regarding dogs, cats, & other pets

hiking in the backcountry
damages the health of many animals

hotel accommodations or
numerous thefts

on roads & in parking areas
& is visible to approaching vehicles

be alert
for oncoming cars & do not allow members of your party
especially children, to stand in the right-of-way

for caring for pets belonging to visitors using
these rules

in addition

there are no facilities
but it is your responsibility to keep quiet

to protect wildlife & to avoid
keep with you

& under physical restraint at all time

through the park
maybe carried

but to run loose at any time
disturbing other visitors to the park
they are not allowed
in a public campground
or in the backcountry

not intended
thank you
but permitted
for cooperation


That’s what Woodpecker read.


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