there’s no blessing this mess
fingerprints everywhere
from Bay of Pigs and Dallas knolls
to Los Angeles pantries
fire away, fire away

we’ll believe in true democracy
after a few of their incumbents
fall in plane crashes
or gunfire (after all, it’s almost always been Democrats)
after the gun-mongers fall victim to their own weaponry
in their conventions and swaps
after a few of their presidents face special prosecutors
with partisan rancor delving into every aspect
of the Chief Executive’s present and historic associations
breathing down their necks, chasing their every rumor
demanding explanations for every check received
every investment made, every sexual innuendo voiced
and spreading it to the world
we’ll believe when the rich no longer keep getting richer
faster than the populace
but the Leviticus-ordered Jubilee inscribed on our Liberty Bell
becomes fact, corporations and private empires break up
every fifty years, every fifty years everybody gets an even break
to start over, yes, Jefferson would endorse that
instead we had King George
King George the Younger
King George the Lesser
King George the Pretender
imposed by an Electoral College
and his party’s Supreme Court
we’ll believe in true democracy when the party-line blowhards
turn their attention to those who have all the marbles
all the wealth cornered
when they begin questioning the likes, say
King George and his Privy Council
rather further kicking those already down
but Limbaugh’s a coward
even in the face of the Madness of King George
who really believes it’s Gold Bless America
and Gold Help America
not us, who ask
God forgive America
and turn against those pulpits
where greed is a virtue
where gluttony is a virtue
where armed murder is a virtue
where calls to arms are celebrated
where sexual predators turn on children while sanctimonious
bishops and cardinals punish women and children
where it’s politics as usual
faith and patriotism bought by the highest bidder
from the common storehouse


That’s what Woodpecker said
before the latest permutations.


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