greatly, we fear
even an upside in any defeat
he contorts, distorts

unsure what’s in store
(well, I remember
fangs or folly

the co-conspirators
in there, somewhere


George W. Bush? Danforth Quayle representing
baby boomers? Martin Scoresese a theologian?
the telephone’s ringing, it’s time to run

some Ayatolla in the three-piece suit
invokes an American Jihad
claiming it’s not religious

wishing I could laugh
at this miserable joke

this Oval, awful jester
who has the roles switched

O, the offal error
this outrage

SPOOKS and sons of spooks, this House

with King George the Pretender enthroned
by Supreme Court toadies
and the Electoral College plantation

he says being president
is hard work
as he goes to bed early

he’s obviously not a writer

moral values? a White House that so Rove’s
cannot be Christian, no way escaping

a Chickenhawk
lies and distortions
hatemongering, warmongering,
taking from the workers and giving to the rich

shames Jesus, who weeps
sickened – numb –

the whole suffer for the demagoguery
of the Internal States,
the contorted delusions of the X
and the lies, yes

blame bin Laden
his invention
his party

jihad, you say, all
one in the same


in the news photo
the son of hockey mom is in uniform
with the Turkey in Baghdad
serving a plastic turkey on Thanksgiving Day

the camera can’t tell the difference
or what they’ll eat

oh, no, not again


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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