in the Jewish wisdom that acknowledges each of us
as our own enemy, too, we carry in ourselves
the potential for doing great harm, great violence
as well as the Quaker wisdom of being broken and opened
for God to work

yet against humanity
the tidal running toward McDonald’s and Wendy’s
Kmart and Walmart, ever bigger corporations
fewer local opportunities for real decision-making
(the ever more elusive moral responsibility)

and all of the issues and conflicts of raising children
in a TV society

the super-secret NRO, National Reconnaissance Office
more than CIA, FBI, National Security Agency

the drug war as an internalized Vietnam

no stopping the crumbling

Modern America Scare
fat, fun-orientation
greed and gas-guzzling
gambling, beggar-thy-neighbor, something for nothing
rather than work ethic

across most of the nation, few listened to the stories
didn’t collect, didn’t connect, didn’t observe
just keep plowing
they’ve no concept of what we’ve lost
artifacts remain still

materialism run amok
consumerism, gone haywire
ancient American history
as unfinished business



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