with a city farm
I’ve learned to think small

what others would call a bed
I consider a garden:

the fern gardens, either side of the pathway
out from the Smoking Garden

or the iris and hosta garden
or the blueberry and forsythia

as well as the kitchen garden
beside the driveway
and the maze of raised beds

any decisions, of course, between
food production
and ornamental beauty stand apart

from the garden of repose


previous owners, with their modern landscaping based on thick black plastic covered in pea gravel … such a pain to remove.

the two panels of gravel and landscaping plastic I ripped out
for the ferns, and a third for a wood-chip pathway


my house expectations have lowered
no longer the big studio, but any studio
how much will it cost to sustain that project?
how indestructible or fragile is it? kidproof?

my income and future, in a shrinking perspective

poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson



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