You could see this as a kind of Garden of Eden story. There are four main speaking characters, plus one (Big Inca). There’s a place that had been golden (the town of yrubBury) now on the verge of restoration. If Bill does his job. And there’s conflict from somewhere off-stage – actually, tons of it.

The action could have been set in Susquehanna country or the upper Hudson or Connecticut rivers, among others. Anyplace with falling waters. The kind that could power industrial mills. Or might, generating electricity, in the future.

It’s American history, drawing on nostalgia. And the military-industrial complex.

And small-is-beautiful hippies versus international free-trade agreements.

You have to make a living somehow. And live in community, as basic humanity.

Listen to all the political candidates, then, and ask … just where they’d stand in this story. Really.

It all clashes together. If we survive it.

Inca 1~*~

For the novel, click here.


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