by Jnana Hodson

turn off the news, turn off the TV
cancel the corporate-chain paper
you know it all anyway:
too many crooks are in charge
there’s no need to hear more
of their lies and excuses
no need to dull your sense
of propriety or outrage
and the action shows are full of suggestions
for terrorists, even those who run
for governor besides
how many cars do you ever see blow up
in real life, even at the race track
as for the rest of the shows, everybody’s
always yelling at somebody else
as if that’s acting or reality or makes a point
me, I’d walk out, maybe even quit right there
just talk quietly, please, and carry a big shtick
for comedy, hey, it’s mostly toiletries
you could write it all on rolls of tissue
and strike a match, for reality
there’s another traffic jam
a new name on the bank
bulldozers and backhoes
turning houses into parking lots
turning cornfields and wood lots into houses
turning the grass and pavement for excavations
it’s time for another funeral
let us shout, now, only if you can fuel your anger
to appropriate action should you follow
their machinations
but beware, they set traps
step clear, clearly
or all fall in


That’s what Woodpecker said.