thwart conformity
pop culture / consumerism / advertising / political slogans
jargon / cliché / trends and fads
reactions behind the wheel / your children / and theirs
pro sports / celebrities

question chatter
doubt / controversy / mistrust

challenge apprehension

confront strife

investigate dogma
and those who accuse others of being judgmental

question exam questions
values / actions

survey contention
degrees / conflict

question ownership
and the weight of possessions

question hazards
even divergence

seek scruples

question your own stand
question your own integrity
question your own direction
request questions, even contention
question the questioning
question whether you’re posturing or dancing

let go

let go of letting go
let go of hipness
let go of brand names
let go of status
let go and listen

question why you’re questioning
question whether you’re listening
question if you’re open to answers
open to truth, open to caring
question cynicism, fatalism, passivity
question anger that turns destructive

ask what happens when there’s no backbone
no shell, no structure at all
question the rubble
so what do you trust?
“I trust my friends, most of the time”
“and if authority answers, will you listen?”
question bumper stickers, then the people
who apply them . question stickiness
question messiness
question whether this item is essential
ask what gives life order
what gives your life order
ask why you’re alone
ask why you’re not alone
in all of your questioning
ask where you turn
ask why you turn
ask if you’re expecting to be
the authority you question
ask why you’re lost
ask why you’re not lost
ask who your friends are
question your pet
question your livestock’s movement
question how bugs find the garden
question the supermarket’s placement
and how your life fits its structure
question what the real idols are
and then smash them
there’s authority, after all
question questioners
question a lack of structure
lack of cohesion
lack of authorship
question laziness . mediocrity
torpor . inertia . lack of motivation . meditation
question rot and rotting
sloth . greed . lust . lechery
false witness . insincerity
even why-why-why
there is nothing
at the core of an onion

as steps in self-liberation


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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