sold to the bidder
above the laws
who avoids taxes
who leaves true charity to the masses
sold to the owners of voting machines
with chads like machine-gun fire
a commander-in-chief elected by the Supreme Court
sycophants set on the bench by his cronies
may say Jesus shapes his life
but my Bible shows otherwise
for Christians as secretive or crooked
or so moneyed
or warmongers
or self-pious liars
can anyone in the White House or on Capitol Hill
pass through the eye of a needle?
I’m still betting on the camel
store up water – it’s rapidly vanishing
as a common good
brace for economic failure
they want quick tricks
breaks for the rich
trickle-down-economics, already discredited,
will fail again
they don’t know what dirty work is
they despise the workers
say they’re overpaid
while skimming CEO ransoms
me, I believe in trickle-up economics
I have real bills to pay
I don’t worry about a vacation house
I don’t even worry about a swimming pool
all we have is a sprinkler
and we’re lucky, at that
to swim in the ocean or mountain lakes
my union card is shrinking
every day they’re in office
brace for bank failures
stay away from commercial radio and television
politicians own more than their share
their programs are decoys of simulated happiness
to numb you to reality
you’re getting poorer, you’re losing position
losing options, it’s becoming monopoly
the corner banker’s no longer the president
the local publisher no longer owns the newspaper
the local pharmacist is paid by somebody far away
as are the grocers, the gas jockeys, the bookseller
don’t tell me about the economic policy success of Ronald Reagan
he gave us homelessness in America
thousands of people cast out to live on the streets or their cars
twenty percent real unemployment in
once-proud manufacturing valleys
crocodile tears on his part
while the old factories rusted or were blown apart
(hide the damage – scenes of war-torn Europe come home)
don’t deride Clinton policies overcoming
banking system meltdown
getting people back to work
unless you want to point out how the rich get richer
the rest keep slipping
and that, despite gridlock – while health system reforms
were rapidly torpedoed
the spooks have no interest in keeping Americans healthy
even the war veterans, who have public health access
their own hospitals, tax-paid doctors
unlike children, unlike many of the unemployed
in America, causing cancer is a corporate right
and nobody’s ever accountable
since corporations live for ever
according to the law
unless you return to God’s laws


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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