spooks create a Saddam Hussein
create an Osama bin Laden
the spooks and army
train snipers who pick off innocent people
waiting for the bus or filling their gas tanks
rather than spymasters hunkered in secretive bunkers
rather than operatives
accepting campaign checks from lobbyists
in exchange for government subsidies and special treatment
in exchange for appointments to regulatory agencies
to put criminals in charge of the courts and prisons
special treatment for special interests
not the public, not the consumers
– companies that knowingly produce products that kill
should pay the families of victims
an amount equal to their CEO’s annual compensation
as a minimal way of calculating a basic human’s worth
call it equality, certainly
the chiefly spooks think like Pontius Pilot
ask what is truth
with a shrug
not what is true
seek expedient result, not justice
crucifixion just other option
– good one, it’s terrifying, painful
almost as good as cattle prods to the genitals –
what’s one individual as a sacrifice
to the greater good
as we see it?
the spooks create a dictator or a tyrant
supply arms, train his army
and the spooks now rally nation in war to destroy him
requiring more arms, more dead Americans
there’s anthrax in the mailbox
the State Department destroys passport applications,
naturalization papers, birth certificates,
photographs sent in the Postal System
everybody in Washington’s fearful
post a guard, post a battalion
a sniper’s on the loose


That’s what Woodpecker said.


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