I’ve been working longer hours
and earning less
while the top one percent has doubled its wealth

I’m not alone

we’re not alone

when their idiot lackeys shout repeatedly
“let’s take back the government”
they’re not speaking for anyone you know
or I know
but the top one percent, doubling its wealth
raiding the public treasury
raiding Wall Street
raiding American factories
and their former workers
picking your pocket and pay stub and retirement

while their idiot lackeys decry Big Government
or Big Labor
they’re pouring more money into the Pentagon
and its corrupt contractors
and they’re lauding the Biggest Executives
at Big Business, which gets Bigger and Bigger
with fewer and fewer companies or workers
they’re singing hosannas to the wealthiest one percent
(whose names you and I rarely even know)
(that most secretive one percent)

while their idiot lackeys and their idiot followers
have only name-calling smears and ad hoc attacks
in place of logic or facts
they cry out against Socialist legislation
or Liberal Media or High Taxes, Obamacare
or the poor, with or without welfare
they can’t stand replies in kind

they think stripping labor of any power
will raise wages from global corporations
but they’re only stripping the work ethic

they’re against socialized medicine
while they have Medicare or VA hospitals
and don’t see what they paid into Social Security
ran out long ago, it’s the illegal immigrants
who are paying their benefits
(yes, while I’m earning less and less
they’re upset they got no cost-of-living increase)

let’s be realistic
the top one percent has doubled its wealth
the Saudi Royal Family has doubled its wealth
or more
the Sultan of Brunei has doubled his wealth
or more

they don’t need it
they don’t need it as much as your widowed grandmother
they don’t need it as much as any schoolteacher
or scientist or auto mechanic or plumber
(none of them overpaid, not by comparison)

and those who launched the Bush Vengeance War
and scoffed at its cost estimates
by the pacifists who proved right
cut taxes to the top five percent
rather than paying for their own damn war
and now they want to seize my retirement

Cheney owes America an apology
the Bush Family owes America an apology
the Republican Party should retire from the public stage
Karl Rove should dive into an alligator pit
and never return
Gingrich owes his wives and the nation apologies
plus alimony

the top one percent should give every American family
a check for one hundred thousands dollars
for starters
just think what that would do for the economy
for employment
(it’s only one hundred billion
in their eyes pocket change)

or return it to the commonwealth

or one hundred thousand to every American
the top one percent can still afford it

or two million to every family
which the top one percent can still afford


it’s one year’s income, not a lifetime
and they can still afford it

I’ve been working longer hours
and earning less
it’s time to catch up

I’m not alone

you’re not alone

my household’s raking in just a fifth
of its share of the gross domestic product

you run the numbers
in their numbers game
we’re losing



  1. Well said yet you know as well as I do that this will never happen. The wealthiest of the wealthy only take, they do not give just as they don’t give a flip if you or I starve to death.

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