In my novel, St. Helens in the Mix, Todd and Lucy become the third couple in my Northwest Passion series to reconnect in the Katonkah Valley of Washington state.

Erik and Jaya, of course, have led the way, followed by Yogi and Kate.

In their new landscape, one partner in each of the marriages is soon engulfed in professional responsibilities, while the other partner is left to fill out the relationship while developing a personally meaningful life.

Initially, Lucy can be seen as the most traditional of the lot, married to a rock-solid scientist. But that starts to change, especially as she addresses some unfinished business. How naive is she, anyway? And how passionate?

Tragedy will add its own complications, as does the mountain, when it explodes.

So who will be left in place? And who, blown away?

St Helens 1~*~

For your own copy, click here.


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