no blackness squirms through these homemade
petitions not even fragmentary holy writ

appears yet in their guileless movement.
dancing within gravity and a splash of light

they disclose the invisible current where
I, too, have breathed and seen what’s carried away

in exhalation and ripping you could delineate
the many blasts streaming from desire, jealousy

or despair as well as winds of joyfulness
healing, and hope there are cleansings

and transformations everywhere angels
and justice and brotherhood are welcomed

sit, then, and await the breeze or the storm
even the shredding fabric, to comprehend what

admits clear-eyed arousal as wisdom surfaces
in some inward voice I’ve come to trust, if you will

for praise and thanksgiving and exaltation
do not spring easily from a tangled soul

she wonders what text I might superimpose
on her offering these tie-dye and batik manifestations

of choice and chance how radiant this blood
this sky, these pools of melting ice

as well as the mute white emptiness
we’ve called innocence, so often blindly trailing atrocity

still, my culpability flaps before me.
lift me, then, to restitution and forgiveness

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015


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