Pressed by her mother to try the new yoga classes at the Y, Kate soon finds more than physical exercise and fitness. Teaching is a side project for Jaya, who’s landed in Prairie Depot to restart her career, but to the young student, Jaya embodies worldliness, glamour, professionalism, independence, along with life-changing wisdom.

But Jaya’s not long for the small town – and in her place, Kate’s introduced to Yogi, who adds romance to the mix. Any surprise their relationship flowers and ripens naturally into marriage?

Step by step, though, Kate begins to wonder if her new husband is tied up in Jaya’s karma, especially once he, too, must make a professional leap for survival – questions that deepen as the couple follows Jaya into the apple country of the Pacific Northwest.

Tragedy turns all that on its head. Where is Yogi headed, after all? And can he escape? As for Kate? Or Jaya’s husband, Erik?

They all have a legacy to contend with.

Peel 1

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