last day of winter
another two-foot

but the first day of spring
arrived warm and sunny


this could be the morning
color returns from the south

our windows face east
away from approaching weather


morning birdsong
measures spring

snow still covering the ground

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Copyright 2015


6 thoughts on “PIVOT

  1. Oh gosh! is that the time? I’d quite overlooked the fact that I have woken to Spring. Snow forecast on Monday – mother nature will not be dictated to by a man-made calender as to what the seasons really are – she is as fickle as any woman and I love her!

    • Well, almost here … tomorrow! The snow in our forecast for Monday is now, according to some, to be nothing more than overcast. Maybe later in the week, though, we’ll see. For the record, we’ve had the warmest winter on record in our part of New England, contrary to many of the photos I’d scheduled from a more “normal” year.

      • It’s been curiously mild everywhere I think … Certainly I had braced myself for wading through metres of snow here and it hasn’t happened and back in France they’ve had far less than normal (my region is in a quartet of weather systems – continental, Atlantic and Med plus what they obliquely call mountain which just means it’s unpredictable but this means Eastern Europe had been warm too. Now bring on Spring … It’s time, I feel

      • Anybody warn you about Mud Season yet? Followed by Black Fly Season? And then we get a very brief real spring, followed by a brief summer. Winter, on the other hand, usually lingers on forever. At least, that’s the typical pattern …

      • Oddly, no! I do know Spring is brief and summer too …. A wise Irish farmer once said to me in the context of child rearing ‘the trick is to go WITH it’ …. It works with the weather and different climates too – after all resistance really is futile in this context 🙂

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