As I said at the time …

There is good reason prophets sought isolation in wilderness or mountains. A perspective on the social condition emerges. These pieces originate in ecological awareness, but quickly touch on issues of racial injustice, intolerance, greed and domination, unvarnished history, and more.

In many systems of emergency preparedness, a Yellow Alert or Code Yellow signifies a stage of impending catastrophe, as well as an order to stand down from full emergency. The wind is rising. The barometer is changing, depending on wind and water, two agents of upheaval.

Yellow itself is a perplexing color – often disliked, often associated with disease such as jaundice or malaria, with cowardice, with aging, yet also the color of springtime, of lemons and sunlight, of glimmering wealth as gold. As the most overlooked primary or secondary color, it becomes invisible – like wind or pure light – as people identify other nuances within it. Even so, the Yellow Brick Road and Yellow Submarine remain ultimately cheerful.

Alert, too, has multiple possibilities. It can be an alarm, as well as heightened awareness.

With their appreciation of defiled places both in the landscape and in the individual heart, I’ve written poems that remain mindful of empowering moments of clarity and calm existing between wind and rock. The quest for wilderness, then, is for a place of renewal, rather than frenetic exploitation and excitement. In the end, integrity prevails as a place where one takes root to dwell and blossom in the spirit of right balance.

Especially when Woodpecker’s tapping.


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