in March, robustly chanting at sunrise, the male songbirds
are finally joined by cooing mourning doves
lured to all the grain spilled from the feeder
in our recent heavy winds

two snowdrops bloom
and an inch of tulip blades emerges
in maple-leaf debris
before a half-inch of wet late-winter snow falls

it’s seesaw, give-and-take in the air
and then the midday sunlight softens

in March, our first golden crocus blooms
and it’s snowing

yes, when our yellow crocuses are up – crow-kie?
a foot more snow is expected

yes, with crocuses everywhere
we see the fruits of our labors
the design taking hold

“windflowers,” small blue blossoms
proliferate along the driveway

in April, our first daffodils open amid grape hyacinths
in front of the house


(late April/early May) peepers in the night forest
lilies of the valley and wild ginger

(Taurus) yellow-green deciduous leaves and catkins
new flood of sunlight

still gray with spots of blue and daffodil
from extreme winter to extreme spring
as our weather guy puts it

a carpet of blue psilla parallels the driveway

blue-purple, spring
a finch that’s yellow now

over the

forsythias, camus lilies
swamp marigold, dandelions
even the buttery tulips

on a single bold stalk about to leaf over
lilacs open

poem copyright 2016 by Jnana Hodson



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